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brexit startups

The Brexit Impact on EU Startups

Britain has voted to ‘take back control, British start-ups need to understand what this means to them and their organisations?
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UK's many startup ecosystems

Relocation: Ecosystems Giving London a Run For it’s Money

Tech City in London is home to a broad mix of technology, digital and creative companies.
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Finding the right support for your startup

You’re Not Alone: Support For Your Startup

Starting a business can be a scary process as it feels as though you’re doing it alone. 
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Where is your mobile app?

50 Billion Apps: Where’s Yours?

As of 2013, Apple celebrated their 50 billionth app download. That’s approximately 800 apps every second
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Choosing a name for your startup

Choose a Name For Your Start-up Business

Picking a suitable business name is the beginning of the branding rabbit hole.
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