How 10 UK startups, with zero investor funds, scaled their startup into a thriving company

Get the guiding principles from hard-working UK founders Learn how to start and scale without external investors — in the words of those at the top of the UK startup ecosystem. Your journey starts here. Get exclusive early-bird access before the official book launch.

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What will you learn?

For the first time in one inspiring book, 10 top tech entrepreneurs share their successes, challenges, and mistakes. Including:

  • How to turbocharge your startup, so you move faster and react better than your bigger, more established industry players
  • 9 ways to these founders used to quickly identify and get to traction sooner
  • Why pivoting is all wrong — and how to offer your product at the right time and for the right reasons
  • How the bootstrapping approach was used by each founder to attractive to high-level investors — should you need them in the future
Plus you’ll discover:
  • How to position your startup as a serious contender — even with a shoestring budget
  • Why the UK is a unique startup ecosystem, what this means for your business, and how to take advantage of your position
  • Where to find the hidden opportunities among the UK’s higher startup costs

Head to interviews with Ryan Notz (MyBuilder), Mark Pearson (MyVoucherCodes) and Darren Fell (CrowdCube) to see these covered in detail. You’ll learn about their approaches, what they did with their existing cashflow, and how they faced financial challenges head-on.

  • How to build a startup with almost no budget

    Fasten your seat-belt for startup journey with Nikhil Shah (MixCloud) and Justine Roberts (Mumsnet). You’ll go from when they realised their ideas was viable and to how they turned their proof of concept into reality.

    The tools they use and their process for attracting the best team members with a small pull factor

  • Find a winning business model that's scalable

    How they were able to wade through the numerous trends and technology to focus in on a winning business model that showed little promise at the start. What metrics they pursued to guide decision making and how they overcame disappointing results early on.

    How to quickly convert customers expressed and latent desires into products/services they love.

  • 12 strategies for getting early cashflow - fast

    Discover how they stretched every penny of revenue to grow their startups, even during the tough times.

    Follow their grow roadmap and accompanying tactical worksheets that show exactly how you can do the same, no matter what product/service or business model you're developing or growth stage within your startup

  • Select the right “key” employees for your business - everytime.

    You may have the best idea and the clearest vision but you risk losing everything if you don’t have the right people. Learn the tried-and-tested methods these 10 founders use to assemble and building their teams.

    Go beyond 'gut-instinct' and get the simple process that helped each founder build a productive culture.

  • Attract the right network of advisors and mentors

    Who should you be looking for? How do you know you’re getting sound advice? How can you trust them with your startup secrets? Learn how each founder built relationships that directly contributed to their business growth while avoiding major pitfalls.

  • Build a magnetic national and international brand

    Which and how guerrilla tactics and unique strategies were used by the founders for building their brand on a budget.

    The founders have co-created a knowledge bank of 25 worksheets, questionnaires and frameworks — exclusively for you.

    Each worksheet is designed to help you tackle the challenges you can expect to encounter — even a few you might not have thought of.

Learn from the best UK startups that scaled without giving up equity

After four years of research, countless interviews and hours of discussion, here are a few of the tech companies featured in the first book of the series:

What other founders say about our book?

With over 100 positive reviews from our beta readers, we can confidently say you will find significant, actionable value within the pages of the book. See what a few of the leading founders and startup educators have to say about the Inside Startups Book:

  • “Best darn startup book I've ever read. Can't believe I didn't read something like this sooner!”

    Jane Austen CTO of Github
  • “Outstanding! Just goes to prove that the UK does it differently and you need this book to see how.”

    Mary Fox CFO of Facebook
  • “The UK ecosystem is thriving! Why am I wasting time in SF. Miss reading this book at your own peril.”

    Tom Cox COO of Google

About the author

Anton Stout has spent the last seven years orbiting the growing startups ecosystem in London, New York, Berlin. During that time he has been a startup advisor, business designer, product owner and innovation lead at several FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies. Anton has developed various tools and resources to support startups gain traction earlier. While he has failed more than he has succeeded, those few wins have made up for the loses.

To learn what it takes to build standout startups, he sought interviews with the UK’s most proficient tech entrepreneurs. Each was chosen based on their outstanding achievements within their industry and their willingness to detail their personal strategies for anyone in or beginning their startup journey.