Sub-Contract Market

Sub-Contract Market Ltd provides an on-line e-market platform for the matching of small scale contracts with available, qualified, freelance talent. Covering all sectors of the market, companies will be able to outsource their excess capacity, a specific service or even whole departments through the Sub-Contract Market platform.

Edit Suits Co.

Edit Suits Co. is a London & Singapore-based menswear startup. The company created a hassle free menswear shopping experience by selling made-to-measure garments through an innovative combination of e-commerce and physical retail. Menswear is the fastest growing fashion segment with annual global sales surpassing USD 404 bn – Suit sales account for USD 141 bn…. Read more »


laZook operates a distributed commerce platform made up of existing marketplaces, e-commerce stores, and blogs. The company’s platform serves as an integral part of online strategies for brands giving them access to a distribution network of online retailers without sacrificing control over their pricing and brand image; and provides brands with real-time sales data. The… Read more »

Fashion Bloc

Fashion Bloc is a one-stop place to discover new fashion capitals in Europe and shop carefully selected designer fashion. Through our original editorial content and selected designer products, we aim to represent the best and most interesting fashion creators, news and happenings from the emerging markets in Europe. Designers are fully represented online and offline… Read more »

Swoon Editions

Swoon Editions design, make and sell furniture, and they’re on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place for everyone. Their team is a mix of analysts, buyers, developers, biochemists, economists, literature majors and designers – a real mix of solid experience and fresh young talent. 70% of their staff started as interns… Read more »

Wizando provides an easy-to-use business management tool for service providers and give them operational advices based on the combination of their own business data and actual consumer trends. On the other hand, costumers are able to read about, search and book services easily by portfolios made by reviews of real costumers and their friends, collect… Read more »

Strand of Silk

Online retailer of fashion from leading fashion designers from India. Includes menswear, womenswear and accessories. The designers we offer are amongst the best in India and have sensibilities and styling that appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Lost my Name is a full stack publishing startup from London. We combine the power of stories with the possibilities of technology, to create magical, personalised experiences and make kids around the world more curious, clever and kind. Our first product sold over 600,000 copies and shipped to over 135 countries in the world.


E-mail receipts are a huge missed marketing opportunity and Receiptful aims to help eCommerce stores (or anyone that sells anything online) to make the most of that opportunity. Receiptful is an API that lets you send beautiful e-mail receipts that increase customers’ lifetime value through the use of targeted, personalized marketing messages / up-sells. It… Read more »


FlatClub is a marketplace for trusted medium term stays – from a few weeks to a few months. FlatClub also offers a unique service – LiveDemand. In traditional short stay marketplaces, hosts create listings and guests browse and book those listings. However, with the addition of LiveDemand, FlatClub offers the inverse. Hosts are able to… Read more »