Bink is a brand built with a clear vision – to redefine loyalty, making life simple and rewarding for all.

Bink’s unique technology, Payment Linked Loyalty (PLL), links your payment card(s) to your loyalty schemes. Meaning that through the simple act of paying, you also present your retailer’s loyalty ID – no need for plastic cards, membership ID’s or paper coupons.

Payment Linked Loyalty is set to transform the loyalty experience. It’s a simple add-on to any retailers’ loyalty scheme to provide 100% of purchase data from payment cards – gaining valuable insight and allowing for truly personalized CRM from our partner brands. Bink can act as a valuable engagement and adoption tool for loyalty platforms across the world, whilst making life simple, quick and rewarding for consumers. Bink is operating in the UK & USA and has offices in London and the South East, as well as San Francisco with more territories to come


Ascot, UK – Bink HQ 2 Queens Square (2nd Floor), Lyndhurst Road, Ascot – Berkshire, SL5 9FE, United Kingdom
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Lee Clarke Lee Clarke

CEO/Founder of Bink

Greg Gormley Greg Gormley

Co-Founder/CFO at Bink


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