Hatching Dragons



Hatching Dragons is the UK’s first premium quality bilingual nursery network that aims to foster fluency in Mandarin and English and strengthen intercultural understanding for the children of working couples in London.

The UK’s nursery market is set to grow from £4.5bn (2012) to £6.5bn (2017) off the back of strong demographic and economic indicators and, within this context, the Government and parent demand are urging the educational communities to further the UK’s Mandarin speaking capability. However, the language is taught too little and too infrequently for any real language absorption to occur, particularly when the child doesn’t

At Hatching Dragons, we will offer parents and their children the premium nursery environment that will set the bar on early years provision but with one tangible output that they will not get anywhere else – the ability to speak one of the world’s most important languages of the future



Cennydd John Cennydd John

Founder @ Hatching Dragons


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