Moment Health


Moment Health is a technology company focusing on providing early intervention for new and expectant parents suffering from antenatal and postnatal depression and associated anxieties.

Moment Health is the only app of its kind focused on early-intervention in pregnancy. Its aim is to help solve many of the postnatal depression problems which mums and mums-to-be suffer.

Moment Health became the number one ranked UK health and fitness app on the App Store – a ranking which Murphy regards as “bittersweet as it underpins the scale of the problem”.


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Nuala Murphy Nuala Murphy

CEO & Founder

Nuala is a tech entrepreneur characterized by energy, drive and a commitment to making a difference for women and families the world over. “The idea of Moment Health was conceived with the aim to connect mothers with the tools and knowledge they need to sustain good mental health and recover from illness.” With a background in marketing across manufacturing, health and technology sectors, Nuala is described by The Irish Times as ‘one of the next generation of female business leaders in the North’ and is an avid champion of female health and equality.

Gavin Rooney Gavin Rooney

CTO & Co-Founder

With an impressive 10-year background in games and enterprise product development, Gavin is keeping two main priorities at the forefront as CTO. “Security is always a major priority when creating new products from scratch. That’s why each and every choice made during the app’s development process had security top of mind. Just as important is ease of use and, knowing how incredibly busy parents are, we were determined to ensure the User Experience was on point. It’s not often an app has such big goals, and I’m excited to see it make a positive difference to parents’ lives on a global scale.”


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