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Looking for an interactive canvasing tool with over 40 canvases you can share, update and save with your team?

Blueprinting your way forward doesn’t need a business plan in the earliest stages of your business, often times you haven’t even discovered the customer or the problems worth solving. The good news is that many innovators before you have condensed their many years of experience into canvases and tools you can deploy at a moments notice.

The challenge has always been; which tools, when and how do I avoid piles of paper and post-it notes that you can’t share easily with others.

Startup Canvas is an easy-to-use canvasing tool that houses over 40 canvases that you can use at each stage of your startups’ growth. Each canvas is designed to shape and refine your thinking, prompt answers to mission-critical questions and help you communicate the value proposition.

Examples of the canvases:

  1. Popular canvases: Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Empathy Map, Value Proposition Canvas to name a few..
  2. Unique canvases: Product Innovation Canvas, Culture Canvas, Brief Canvas, Social Enterprise Canvas. Cluster Canvas to name a few more..

…plus 30 more canvases for each key functional area of your startup.

Each canvas comes with:

  1. Clear video instructions with each section
  2. Allows for version control
  3. Ability to add team members
  4. Assign sections and key experiments

Now is a good time to starting leaving a paper trail so others can share your vision and support bringing it to life.

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