Startup Goal


Are you looking for greater accountability and day-to-day support while you develop your startup?

Building a startup can be challenging, lonely and oftentimes thankless. It’s important to have people around you that can give you valuable from-the-trenches advice at a moments notice – particularly when you’re working on critical tasks for the for the first time.

Startup goal is an easy-to-use startup support buddy that helps you get your mission-critical tasks done on time, every-time.

Startup Goal gets you to work in three simple steps:

  1. What needs to get done? Identify an important task you want to complete or goal you want to achieve in the near future.
  2. How can you stay accountable? Nominate a supervisor to monitor as you undertake the challenge.
  3. Who had the knowledge you lack? Select an expert startup mentor who will advise each step of the way.

Through private beta, we’ve helped hundreds of startup founders find momentum and winning routines in the daily life of their startup.

Now it’s time you got the support you need!

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Mike Stout Mike Stout

Founder of StartupGoal and Medici Labs - building an array of SaaS solutions for startups and their founding team.


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