TeskaLabs is a Mobile Application Security Provider.

Businesses are moving away from the desktop world towards mobile. They need to improve employee productivity and satisfaction by adopting mobile applications. However, businesses are very far behind the consumer world when it comes to adopting mobile applications. The biggest reason is the mobile application security.

Over two-thirds of large enterprises, 340 Fortune 500 companies, have been breached via mobile apps. This has cost them over 50 billion dollars every year. Mobile security is the fastest growing issue of cyber-security.

We have built a cutting-edge technology that protects the entry point and the communication channel. It defends against almost every cyber-threat connected with data. Our technology is simple for application developers to implement, provides visibility to information security officers, and saves time for IT Admins.



Vladimira Teskova Vladimira Teskova

COO & Founder @ TeskaLabs

Ales Teska Ales Teska

CEO & Founder @ TeskaLabs


Seed August 19, 2015
€337,000 Credo Ventures, Techstars, StartupYard