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What are we looking for?

Most of our articles focus on current events, with a defined hook or angle, or showing what’s happening “inside” startups. Some call this “narrative-driven” content, rather than anything introspective or tangential. Content tends to be long-form (1,500–3,000 words).

What our readers are looking for:

To get an idea, check out what we’ve already published. You probably know we’re interested in all things related to startups and technology. We’ve published articles on future-proofing your startup, how and where to network, deciding what to pay yourself. But we’re open to suggestions for related topics.

We only want to showcase original, quality writers and their content.

So, thanks but no thanks to… content-farmed, keyword-stuffed, purely promotional pieces.

And we’re rarely interested in “Here is Our New Thing” or “You Won’t Believe Who Got Funded” stories. So if you have someone in mind that you think would appeal to our readers then please get in touch.

Who are we?

A team of young, young-at-heart, and passionate coworkers, from all corners of the UK and Europe.

team-time The entire team behind Inside Startups at an undisclosed desert location

I’ve got a something to pitch!

If you’ve got a story you think fits Inside Startups, great! We’d love to hear about it. Let us know:

1. The background to the piece, in a few sentences. Tell us why you’re writing it, what your main themes are, where you’ve researched your ideas, and how you see it progressing or concluding.

2. Have you started writing or researching? Tell us your plan of action, expected word count, and estimated deadline.

3. What makes your piece right for Inside Startups? Our readers know about tech and digital, so what perspective will you offer? Do you have an original statistic? Graphs? Data? Are there already other stories on the same topic? If so, how will you make sure yours is different?

4. Tell us a bit about you. Do you have a particular interest or insight into the story? Have you written this type of piece before? Please include 3 examples of related work.

When you’re ready, pitch us at editor@insidestartups.co.uk

We’ll aim to get back to you within 4 working days. Let us know in the subject line if your pitch is time-sensitive. Thanks for your interest — we look forward to hearing from you!